Joe Stearns

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the whole process of our move out with you guys. Your coming out was informative and gave us lots of tips, our mid-process resulted in getting more storage too, which we CLEARLY needed. And the crew that handles moving out and then into storage were all you could hope for. They packed our furniture extremely well and handles getting the heavy tools up from the shop like the pros they are. The office was helpful and kept us well posted as we worked through the process and helped with some of the supplies we needed.

Hard to imagine being happier with the process so far. If loading us to go to San Antonio goes half as good as getting into storage we’ll be very happy campers!

Mario felt we should be able to get all our stuff into a 26′ truck but if possible I’d appreciate it if you could have a look at it as well to get your opinion if one 26′ truck will do it. We’re going to San Antonio the rest of this month but when we get back I’ll be in touch to talk about getting you to look at what’s there.

Thanks for all the fine work by your whole gang!


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